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LaRon's Tulips Cap (original rose)

LaRon's Tulips Cap (original rose)

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If it’s not LaRon, then its not LaRon 

The classiqué Italian made pro tour cycling cap to fit starched and aluft atop your hairs, or snugged beneath your hard hat.  Natural cotton feel and finish, although it’s 65 percent polyester.  So Italian. 

If you don’t use cyclings caps, you are really missing out on a fun post neon fixxie genuinely usable fashion device.  Did you know ball caps were designed to fly off as the outfielder ran for a fly ball?  Cycling caps are designed to stay on your head whilst sprinting at maximum warp speeds.  The brim is a must have for keeping rain and mist out of your eyes if you find yourself out of the sun.  In the sun it acts as an adjustable visor.  It can be moved in all different directions accordingly.  When the sun goes down, flip up that brim for the Wesley Snipes look.  

Elastic back, one size fits most.  If you have a massive head, you can cut out the elastic in the back very easily.  That’s what I do half the time for the ones I wear under my helmet.   

Machine washable, hang dry ohhhkayyy.  If you put this cap in the dryer it will fit a toddler.  
made in Italy
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