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White Industires

White Industries - Square Taper Road Crank (black)

White Industries - Square Taper Road Crank (black)

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  • Available in black anodize or polished silver
  • Extractor caps available in:
    • Anodized aluminum (black, blue, gold, pink, purple, red, and silver/clear)
    • Polished bronze
  • Lengths available:
    • 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, and 180mm
  • Compatible White Industries chainrings:
    • TSR 1X/singlespeed
      • Compatible with 8/9/10/11/12 and 12 flat-top chains
    • VBC 2X
      • Compatible with 9/10/11 speed chains and derailleurs (12 speed are too narrow)
        • Campy and SRAM derailleurs not recommended
        • Shimano road 9/10/11 speed derailleurs are best with these rings on this crank
    • “Double Double” 2x rings
    • “Bashguard” 1x rings
  • Made from U.S. sourced 2024-T365 aluminum


  • Fits J.I.S. square taper bottom brackets
  • Not compatible with Campy bottom brackets
  • Designed to fit 68mm/73mm BSA threaded bottom bracket shells
  • Weight: 514g (170mm length, w/o spindle or chainring)
  • Chainlines:

Square taper 

spindle length

 (ENO/VBC cranks)

1x TSR/singlespeed ring 



2X VBC rings

(measured between the 2 rings)




 (2x VBC not recommended on 108mm spindle)









  • Crank arm mounting bolts
    • Torque wrench (min 30 ft lbs or 40 Nm)
    • 8mm hex bit socket
  • New chainring lockrings (current cranks ship with these) with 3 notches and outside spline, use either:
    • Park BBT-19.2, Enduro BBT-015, or any 16 notch/44mm tool
    • White Industries LRTOOL (3 notch tool)
  • For old chainring lockrings with 3 notches only, use either:
    • Hook spanner
    • White Industries LRTOOL (3 notch tool)


    • Chainring lockring 30 ft lbs (40 Nm)
    • Crank arms 30 ft lbs (40 Nm)
      • We recommend retorquing arms after the first ride
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